In honour of Black History Month observed every February since 1976 in the USA, here’s a list of writers – authors, poets, essayists, columnists – whose work we admire and who inspire us.

In no particular order:

      1. Toni Morrison
      2. James Baldwin
      3. Angela Davis
      4. Nikki Giovanni
      5. Sarah Jones
      6. Alice Walker
      7. Mychal Denzel Washington
      8. Maya Angelou
      9. Langston Hughes
      10. Zora Neal Hurston
      11. Octavia Butler
      12. Frederick Douglas
      13. Ytasha Womack
      14. Issa Rae
      15. Amir Sulaiman
      16. Audre Lorde
      17. Cornel West
      18. bell hooks
      19. Gill Scott-Heron
      20. Last Poets (yes, there are three people in the group but I’m counting them as one entity)
      21. Sonia Sanchez
      22. Spike Lee
      23. Saul Williams
      24. Ida B. Wells
      25. Ntozake Shange
      26. Patricia Hill Collins
      27. Amiri Baraka
      28. WEB Dubois

Is your favourite missing from this list? Comment below…

Look out for a list of writers from Africa as well as the African Diaspora in other parts of the world.