With the rise in numbers of young cellphone users, and the increasing accessibility to the internet, it’s only logical that book publishers should look for ways to reach book lovers through the one thing they have on them all the time: their cellphone. Black Letter Media is reaching out to young book lovers by making its books available on the Mxit application, Bookly.

“We are interested in reaching the younger market and as we know the younger market is always on the cellphone. With Bookly on Mxit, young book lovers have all kinds of books at the palm of their hands,” says Duduzile Mabaso, author and publisher.

Bookly functions like a library, providing readers with access to a wide range of books titles. Readers can search for books by name, author or genre. Bookly is built to make life easier. Book lovers can read virtually anywhere, anytime as long as they have a cellphone. They can add Bookly as a contact on their Mxit account. It’s as simple as that!

Black Letter Media will make its poetry publication, Poetry Potion, available free of charge. Poetry Potion has a wealth of
poetry written by poets from South Africa, and throughout the world. Soon, book lovers will be able to use their Mxit Moola to purchase the short story collections, Voices from My Clan and Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story, and other fictional titles. “For us to raise a reading, thinking nation, we need to start with our young and encourage them to read. They need to know that they can read for leisure not just to pass exams. Publishers must take stories and poetry to where the young readers are,” adds Duduzile.

Digital books are revolutionising reading habits. It is more convenient to read books today than it was 5 years ago. According to Duduzile “Today, it’s about accessing stories and poetry in the most convenient way. Sometimes it’s more convenient and fun to read a print book but sometimes, when travelling, sitting in a taxi, stuck far away from a library reading from an e-reader, a tablet or a mobile book app, is the best thing”.


Join Mxit, add Bookly as a contact and get yourself a copy of Poetry Potion.

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