BLM-white&orangeBlack Letter Media is proud to announce that it has joined the awesomely inspiring Worldreader programme. In the next coming weeks,short story collections and poetry published by Black Letter Media will be available on Worldreader. This move is another step towards ensuring that African stories reach the world.

Worldreader provides readers with a multitude of books at a low cost by bringing them to a device they already have on their hand, the cellphone.  Thanks to World Reader, every book lover across the world will have unlimited reading material in the palm of their hand.

According to Worldreader, at least 500,000 readers have benefited

imagesfrom their program. The results of the initiative are staggering. E-books are changing the reading habits of young readers. Because the digital library contains more than just textbooks, young readers are able to read not only to improve their performance at school but for leisure as well. They have an opportunity to explore the literary world beyond the classroom.

Black Letter Media has devoted itself to not only publishing new, bold, authentic African voices but to sharing their stories as far and wide as possible. Black Letter Media’s vision of helping Africans find their voice and an audience is in line with Worldreader’s program which provides readers with local, familiar and culturally-relevant stories.

WRKitsThrough the initiative, young readers in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania will now have access to incredible books such as Voices from My Clan; Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! Volume 1 and Poetry Potion.



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