Are you a book lover? Want to meet other book lovers and interact with like-minded people? Share your favourite book titles and find out what other people are reading? Meet the authors and quiz them about their work?

If yes, then worry no more because Book Lovers Market hasrecognised your need and has something just for you: Book Lover’s Hangout.

The Book Lover’s Hangout is a space created for you – book lover. Here you have the opportunity and space to post your book reviews, interact with others and participate in book related discussions. The Book Lover’s Hangout is set on Facebook for your convenience.

This space is an extension of the reader’s forum on if about us discussing, discovering and sharing such books. Book Lover’s Hangout will also have regular meet and greets with authors, book talks and book signings. 

Earn rewards just for going on to

When you register and join the forum on, for the club, you automatically earn loyalty points, the more you post in the Hangout, the more you comment on posts, the more points you earn.

Points can translate into discounts when purchasing books from Book Lover’s Market or you can redeem them for rewards such tickets to the Word n Sound or the Book Lover’s Hangout events where you can meet authors and talk to them about their books and literature in general

Finally, an opportunity to meet other books lovers no matter where they are! Join the book club today

About Book Lovers Market

Book Lovers Market is an online bookstore that carries books, ebooks published by the independent publishers and self-published authors. Book Lovers Market sells products with a lot of heart; products that are uplifting, imaginative, contemporary and independently produced.

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