meeting face to face SA Book Fair Live Blog

The coolest thing about the digital age is that you can meet and work with people from anywhere around the world. Without physically going anywhere. As long as we have internet access, we’re able to connect in real time.

This is how I’ve been able to publish poets from Canada, Ireland, Nigeria, Kenya without even leaving my bedroom (yes, sometimes that’s where Poetry Potion and my other books are put together).

But you know what? Meeting face to face is great. Getting to put a face to the voice. Was it the face you imagined? LOL! It usually isn’t.

In 2012, Black Letter Media published The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! and today I got to meet one of the writers featured Michelle Preen. Yay!

Michelle Preen

This is one of the reasons, Black Letter Media is exhibiting at the book fair:

  • To meet our readers
  • To meet our writers
  • To meet new readers and writers
  • To network with industry players.

I look forward to meeting more people.