Black Letter Media is launching Book Lover’s Market on 31 May 2012

JOHANNESBURG, GP, (May 17, 2012) – Black Letter Media, is excited to announce the upcoming online bookstore – (The BLM Store) Book Lover’s Marker (Nov 2012, edit) – selling books, eBooks produced by independent publishers and self-published authors. Book Lover’s Market goes live on the 31st of May 2012. The BLM Store will sell poetry, fiction, non-fiction in print and eBook formats and deliver to customers worldwide.

Due to the rise in digital publishing technologies and writers taking the publishing reigns into their own hands, Black Letter Media realised that more people are getting comfortable with shopping online and reading books on their computers and various e-reader devices.

Book Lover’s Market, is about discovering literary gems and putting them in the hands of the avid reader who’s looking for new literature. “Readers are craving for new voices,” says Duduzile Mabaso, founder and CEO of Black Letter Media. “But those voices don’t always get the chance to enter the mainstream and reach these readers.”

Book Lover’s Market is the short bridge between small publishers and self-published authors and their readers. “We believe in the DO IT generation,” Mabaso continues. “This store is a platform for that kind of writer, publisher and reader.”

The BLM Store – – goes live on the 31st of May 2012.

About Black Letter Media

They say, until the lion learns to speak, the tale of the hunt will be told by the hunter: therefore, our vision is to give the lion its voice back and an audience. We live by that philosophy. Black Letter Media (Pty) Ltd is the writer’s publishing partner. We offer book editing, book design and eBook conversion services. We also sell print and eBooks on our online store

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