Tag: The 2016 Writivism Anthology Sundown and Other Stories

book excerpt: Sundown by Acan Innocent Immaculate

It’s AD 2050, and humans are waking up to the reality that scientists have lied to them — the sun is dying and with it a civilisation they have painstakingly built over the course of a hundred and fifty thousand years. A skinny albino boy, fifteen years old, pulls a T-shirt over his head as […]

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book excerpt: “Lost Futures or A Guide to Losing Love” by YKO Tetteh

Hearing my voice is uncomfortable to me. I don’t know how to feel so can’t regulate it — it’s strained slightly, and almost childish. He sighs, lifts his glasses and rubs his eyes with the fingers of one hand. It hurts me, but I need something to happen. I panic though, in the silence, not knowing how to […]

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Submit For the Annual Writivism Short Story Prize & Creative Non-Fiction Prize Now

The Centre for African Cultural Excellence (CACE), runs two annual prizes for short stories – Writivism Short Story Prize – and creative fiction – Koffi Addo Writivism Prize for Creative Non-Fiction. The Koffi Addo Writivism Prize for Creative Non-Fiction is sponsored by the Koffi Addo family. This year’s Writivism Short Story Prize is sponsored by The Story Club, […]

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