The sprint has been great! Thought about giving up but the stories and poems were too great to just give up on. Thank you to everyone that submitted.

I’m excited to announce “The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! volume 1” (I owe the title to Don Makatile). This short story and poetry collection features authors from SA to Nigeria:

  1. Lauri Kubuitsile (Botswana)
  2. Ashraf Booley (SA)
  3. Don Makatile (SA)
  4. Brigitte Poirson (SA)
  5. Chiaka Obasi (Nigeria)
  6. Tebogo Ndlovu (Zimbabwe)
  7. Emmanuel Ogukwe (Nigeria)
  8. Cindi Page (SA)
  9. Fiona Khan (SA)
  10. Tosin Otitoju (Nigeria)
  11. Sitawa Namwalie (Kenya)
  12. Saurell Boyers (SA)
  13. Zimkhitha Sulelo (SA)
  14. Treasure Mndeni Ngobese (SA)
  15. Obinna Udenwe (Nigeria)
  16. Louis-francois Smit (SA)
  17. Lazola Pambo (SA)
  18. Yomi Oguntoyinbo (Nigeria)
  19. Michelle Preen (SA)

The collection is available as a pdf, epub or mobi download. A print-on-demand option will be announced shortly.

The collection is being uploaded as we speak and will be available shortly – please bear with me and check back in.

I hope you enjoy the stories and poems as much as I have…


Duduzile Mabaso

Director, Black Letter Media